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Committed to Keeping it Local

The team at Worker Bee are committed to helping local Manchester businesses like ourselves. Mancunians love their coffee and our products were specifically engineered to bring them something that’s different from what they get from the huge chains. We are big advocates of keeping it local so we wanted to offer the locals some hot drinks that actually are local and different to the mass-produced coffee they purchase from the big guns. As we’re dedicated to producing products that are unrivalled in taste and quality, we spent a long time refining our Worker Bee espresso roasts until we were absolutely sure that the flavours worked perfectly.

Proud of Our Relationships With Clients

At Worker Bee we pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our clients. So that we can always maintain a great rapport with our clients and because we genuinely care about their success, we are always open to getting to know you and your business. This way we can engineer our coffee deals to the unique requirements of your business and offer suitable, business-specific suggestions for driving sales. As we’re dedicated to supporting the local economy, we always strive to offer local businesses the most competitive prices on our premium products and Astoria equipment. Whether you’re buying tea, coffee or a machine, we’ll provide ongoing support through regular visits and regular communication so that we can review your business and help it prosper.


A Note from the Founder

"Coffee culture has most definitely taken root in the UK.

I am confident that if you're here reading this: You love coffee and mediocre blend coffee sends a shiver down your spine, be it as a consumer or an independent outlet.

Pretty much anywhere you go; you're faced with a choice of getting your coffee fix from a national chain or an independent.

The national chains offer coffee blends designed to appeal to as many people as possible, which results in a non-distinct but consistent taste.

Numerous surveys have been carried out throughout the UK, all of which show the majority of people who use the 'chains' do so motivated by convenience or driven by their consistency. You know what you're getting.

Independents have a tough job on their hands battling against all aspects of the 'chains' from product to price, PR to proliferation.

The Artisan Roast House is on the rise as a result of the demand and we are a huge advocate of keeping it local and are proud of our Manchester roots. When we are out and about talking to business owners, staff and most importantly the coffee drinkers, we hear time and time again the coffee from the artisans tastes different every time. Some seem to like this taste adventure but the majority find it frustrating which can then have a knock on effect for repeat trade.

Over the past 7 years we have taken great care in developing high quality coffees to meet the difference customer taste profile.  Our coffees offer a range from full  bodied blends like our Continental Blend right through to Triple Certified and recently our Guatemala Antigua Single Origin.  We have a great range of coffees and are confident in a consistent flavour every time.

We do this so that we can focus our attention on you!

We know our range of coffees will offer the same great taste consistently and that we can keep up with whatever demands our customers have, no matter what the volume. With all that control, it means we can spend our time helping you drive your sales, with marketing and brand support, local level personal service and generally taking the hassle out of your hot drinks offering. Be it equipment, product, or a full branded concept right down to the sugar sticks - we have it covered."

Roger McBride - MD & Founder, Worker Bee Manchester

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