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Astoria Storm

The Storm is the latest machine from Astoria’s Green Line range: these machines have a low environmental impact and can reduce consumption by up to 47.6%* compared to traditional coffee machines.


Thanks to innovative software that manages the standby automatic system during breaks, night-time energy-saving function and intelligent temperature regulation, the Storm distributes power only where and when needed. In addition, it automatically puts groups into standby mode when the workload decreases, reverting to full-time mode as warranted by circumstances.


The Storm revolutionises the relationship between the barista and the customer: the barista can offer rituals of preparation and narration. Whilst the Storm, with its strong personality and although raised on its feet is amongst the lowest of machines, can be positioned on the counter to encourage a frontline bartender-client relationship.


The Storm features Super Dry advanced technology that keeps steam “dry” by means of two heating spouts, guaranteeing performance stability even for prolonged periods of time. It allows maximum temperature control and water thrust force during coffee making, and the barista is able to set parameters manually or use its digital functions. Regardless of the counter space, the Storm machine uses the 180° rotating steam wand and by adjusting the basin, baristas can keep the cup at the most appropriate level.


Enhanced by wood accents which can be personalised with different wood types and stains, the Storm was built in tune with the most technologically accurate studies. It is a competition machine that guarantees total control of the manual dispensing of coffee, and at the same time is suitable for use according to memorised brewing curves, which can enhance perfume and aromatic notes. It’s a mix of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. With it, a barista is free to express themselves through their own experimentation skills. The Storm considers the barista’s movement requirements and need to operate the leverages to adjust coffee according to targeted taste and conception. The analog functions that enhance the customized brewing curves are also accompanied by digital storage functions.


The machine’s innovative design is the result of Astoria’s long term relationship with Adriano Design, a renowned design studio in Turin, Italy - honoured with the prestigious international Compasso d’Oro award.


Data certified by Intertek – ETL SEMKO, an independent organization involved in safety testing and product certification.

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