Novo Unplumbed

The Novo coffee machine is developed to serve freshly brewed filter coffee, quickly and without the usage of water mains. The Novo brews directly into a glass decanter of 1.7 L The two self-regulating hot plates of the Novo keep the coffee at the right temperature. The Novo is user-friendly and does not require a lot of maintenance. Thanks to the manual-fill water system you can place the Novo unit anywhere!

The HP —hot plate unit from Bravilor Bonamat— is a standalone unit. You can easily place it on a worktop, counter or table. The two electric heating elements keep your coffee inside the decanters warm. 

The self-regulating functionality ensures the perfect coffee temperature according to the capacity inside the decanters.


Each hot plate can be turned on/off separately.

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Novo Plumbed
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