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Elegant Touch Pad Tap with Undersink Boiler for Instant Hot Water & Ambient Water

Product Specification

  • Elegant Tap system with touch control to dispense hot and ambient filtered water at the touch of a button.

  • Fitting the touch pad tap requires a 35mm hole in the worktop to connect the tap to the Undersink boiler.

  • 4 Litre Hot tank with an hourly output of up to 14 litres per hour above 90 degrees.

  • Typical draw off 3 litres above 90 degrees

  • 2000 Watt SUS 316 stainless steel ring type element watt element. Offers a larger and faster heating area with a long service life.

  • Simple cleaning and descaling: The tank can be removed opened and cleaned.

  • Automatic safety thermal cut out to prevent boil dry and damage to the unit.

  • High quality thermal insulation that meets UL 94 standards for safety.

ezytap 75

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