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The History of Worker Bee MCR

Establishing a coffee supply company with an emphasis on local was the driving force behind Worker Bee. In 2009, I was determined to place customer service at the heart of my business along with premium quality coffee at a reasonable price.

In 2017, our unique blend of roasted espresso beans was introduced and the Worker Bee brand was launched. We offer a beautifully crafted range of espresso beans that give you consistency, luxury flavours to suit all tastes.


Worker Bee Tea was our next development, with the introduction of an exceptional range of whole leaf teas.  We stock a range of 24 fabulous loose leaf teas and infusions; twelve of these are available in our environmentally friendly tea sacks.


A trio of richly indulgent hot chocolate drinks is the most recent addition to our range.  3 high cocoa-content, organic hot chocolate drinks provide a dark, intense, continental tasting, quality hot drink as a perfect alternative to tea or coffee.

We take pride that we supply only the finest coffee machines and grinders.  We have developed close links with, and are honoured to recommend, the most prestigious manufacturers of traditional espresso machines and coffee grinders; these include Astoria, Iberital and Caedo.


Every Coffee Counts for Charity

Keeping it local is never been more important than when choosing a charity to support.  Personal experience has prompted our support of the wonderful work carried out by Forever Manchester and Maggie's. Every time you buy a Worker Bee coffee you are helping us help them. To date, we have made donations in excess of £15,500 and we will keep giving for as long as our customers keep supporting us.

As a keen squash player, I have provided support and sponsorship of the men’s, ladies and junior squash teams at The Northern for the past 7 years.  It is really important to support healthy activities in the young (and encourage them to turn the games console off) 

Worker Bee is committed to working with our customers and the local community.  We supply only the highest quality coffees and teas, which are uniquely ours, and our customer service is incomparable.


Put simply...


Worker Bee is for your business

Roger McBride
Owner - Worker Bee

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