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Hope Mill Filter

Flavour Profile: The Huila region of Columbia is the source for this wonderfully bright and fruity beans.  Notes of blackcurrant and toffee apple while its complex juicy body has great sweetness throughout with a subtle finish of dark chocolate.

Mill Name: Hope Mill was built in 1824, for Joseph Clarke and Sons, alongside the Ashton Canal. By 1880, this area was a thriving complex of steam-powered mills and units. John Hetherington and Sons, manufacturers of textile machinery, occupied the mill in the early 20th century. Today, the mill is so full of creatives it’s difficult to talk about them all. There’s a recording studio (Hope Mill Recording Studios), an independent publisher, numerous artists, web designers and a whole host of other people. 

Additional information

Background: Huila is located in south Colombia and bordered by the mighty Andean sub ranges of “Cordillera Oriental” and “Cordillera Central”. The famous Huila coffee is grown on the slopes of the cordilleras, split by the Magdalena River which is the principal river of Colombia.

The year-round distribution of rainfall and ambient temperatures allow Huila ‘cafeteros’ to cultivate coffee up to 1,900 meters above sea level. The high altitude creates the trademark Huila acidity; while the greenhouse-like conditions provide for frequent flowering periods throughout the year, explaining the distinct floral aromas of the cup.

Country: Colombia
Region: Huila
Altitude: 4,900ft to 6,200ft
Harvest Period: September to December
Cropping: Selective hand picking
Processing: Pulped, fermented for 18-24 hours, and fully washed then sun dried

Perfectly ground for Filter machines in portion packs

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