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Macco MX-3


Bean to Cup machine for 150 to 200 cups per day

The Macco MX-3 Bean to Cup coffee machine is tailored to your needs at just the press of a button. This machine has been flexibly designed and the wide array of product configurations allows it to cater for three major segments which are out-of-home, HoReCa and office coffee service. This coffee machine is simple to use, needs no complex training, has consistent beverage quality, is automatic, has its own cleaning systems and has an unlimited choice for your customers. The Macco MX-3 Bean to Cup coffee machine are ideal as a self-serve station in offices, canteens, stores or communities as it has 6 different drink selections to choose from.
Product Overview
Cups per hour: (the number of cups may vary depending on the size and settings) 
Espresso: – 150 Cups
Coffee: – 120 Cups
Cappuccino: – 120 Cups
Latte Macchiato: – 100 Cups 
Chocolate: – 120 Cups
Hot Water: – 40 Litres 


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