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Old Mill Whole Bean

Flavour profile
A beautifully balanced, well-rounded blend of premium Arabica coffee beans with a rich body, fruity acidity and pronounced malty flavours with key notes of toffee, caramel, peanut and chocolate.

Mill name
First on the Murrays Mills site, Old Mill (completed in 1798) is the oldest urban steam-powered cotton spinning factory to survive in the world. It was probably the first cotton spinning factory to be built to eight storeys and was powered by a Boulton and Watt’s steam engine.

Additional Information
Background: A blend of three 100% Latin American Arabica Beans expertly blended and crafted to provide a premium, well balanced coffee.

Countries: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica
Regions: Mogiana, Huila, Central Valley
Altitude: Up to 6,200ft
Harvest Period: May to August for Brazil and from September to January for Colombia and Costa Rica
Cropping: Selective hand picking
Processing: Naturally dried on sun patios for up to two weeks for Brazil and pulped, fermented for 18-24 hours, and fully washed then sun dried for the Colombian and Costa Rican.

Produced: Roasted and packed in the UK
Trade Pack: 6kg case: 12x500g bags
Cups Per Case: 750
Grams Per Cup: 8g


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