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Victoria Mill Filter

Flavour Profile: A blend of Brazilian, Central American and Indonesian beans to give a versatile and balanced profile. Sweetness with a mellow acidity provide interest complimented by a rich, smooth and complex body.

Mill Name: Completed in 1869, a cotton spinning mill comprising of two six storey symmetrical mills separated by a shared engine house. Built for textile manufacturer William Holland who relocated from his Adelphi Mill, in Salford

Additional Information: A blend of Arabica Beans from around the coffee growing belt expertly blended and crafted to provide a premium, well balanced coffee. 


Countries: Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, Indonesia

Regions: Mogiana, Copan, Jinotega, Aceh Altitude: Up to 1,500 metres above sea level Harvest Period: May to August for Brazil, from December to April for Honduras and Nicaragua, and from June to December for Sumatra.

Cropping: Mechanical for Brazil and hand-picking for others.

Processing: Naturally dried on sun patios for Brazil. Pulped, fermented, and fully washed for the Honduras and Nicaragua. Semi-washed and wet pulped for Sumatra.

Perfectly ground for filter machines in portion packs

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