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Ceado E92

Freshly ground coffee every time, with consistent, precise performance.

With the lowest-speed motor on the market, customised burrs and latest-generation electronics, even the most demanding coffee connoisseur is sure to be more than satisfied. Quiet, efficient and easy to clean – just as you’d expect from a Ceado coffee grinder.

Quick Set Revolution

Revolutionary stepless infinitesimal grinding adjustment for a simpler, faster, more accurate result, making it incredibly simple to obtain the particle size best suited to each type of coffee.

Steady Lock Grinder

This system, unique in the world, ensures in any working stress condition a constant distance between the burrs, allowing to keep the chosen grinding consistency

240 rpm
The extremely low-speed motor and the exclusive conical burrs guarantee the freshest grind on the market!


E92 works consistently and accurately to guarantee the serial production of the perfect dose of fresh coffee every time. The only one grinder capable of delivering uniform doses with infinitesimal precision.


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