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Mazzer Super Jolly SJM Coffee Grinder

The Mazzer Super Jolly SJM is a stylishly designed coffee grinder that delivers perfectly portioned doses of pre-ground coffee at a moment's notice.

Just one pull of the Super Jolly's dosing lever delivers a single shot of coffee, a highly valued trait which enables barista to work extremely efficiently during busy periods.

Manufactured to Mazzer's extremely highly high standards, the Super Jolly is primed to perform. A powerful 350w motor operates at a low speed of 1,600rpm, ensuring that the grinding process is as consistent and quiet as possible, whilst a patented stepless grinding mechanism allows users to make grind adjustments quickly and securely.

The Mazzer Super Jolly burr grinder is suited for usage in a range of coffee shops and cafes, with flat blades suitable for medium consumption.


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