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Decker Mill Decaffeinated Whole Bean Espresso

Flavour profile
Smooth, mild and sweet with good notes of roasted peanut, soft milk chocolate and cookie dough. Medium-bodied with mild acidity and slight burnt sugar sweetness.

The Swiss Water® process:
One philosophy underpins the process: a passion for crafting amazing decaffeinated coffee. Starting with small batches, the caffeine is removed using a gentle, 100% chemical free process so that whatever the time of day you have the option of enjoying your favourite coffee without the caffeine. Remember, when you love coffee as much as we do, what you take out is just as important as what you leave in.

Mill name:
Decker Mill was one of a group of mills which formed Murray Mills and was opened in 1802. The quadrangle of mills surrounded a canal basin which linked to the Rochdale Canal and allowed the transportation of raw cotton and coal to the mills and spun cotton away from them.

Additional Information:
Background: Swiss Water® is the innovative craft of using pure water to gently remove caffeine. The 100% chemical free process decaffeinates coffee in small batches. This means it can remove caffeine from very select amounts of Specialty Coffee. Coffee that is grown and harvested with the utmost care and once decaffeinated, will still taste every bit as delicious as it did before it undergoing the Swiss Water decaffeination process ... we promise!

The Swiss Water® process utilises water, temperature and time to create some of the most intriguing decaf coffee using small batches of amazing coffee and green coffee extract. Next, local spring water is added and a dash of loving attention by monitoring time and temperature until the coffee is 99.9% caffeine free.

100% Chemical Free!
Decaf Process: Swiss Water

Coffee Type: 100% Arabica Coffee Beans
Caffeine Content: 00.1% caffeine

Produced: Roasted and packed in the UK
Trade Pack: Available in 20 x 227g espresso ground and beans
Cups Per Case: 681 | 114
Grams Per Cup: 8g


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